Ghost Soul Trio is a band originally from Youngstown, but currently based out of Columbus, Ohio. Augmenting live instrumentation with synthesizers, their sound can best be described as “Indie-Pop sensibility with an experimental edge.” The band draws from classical and jazz backgrounds, a love for movie and videogame soundtracks, and an interest in unique and vivid production. Having played together in various other groups, Joe Amadio, James Harker, and Nate Gelfand came together for their 2016 EP, “Sinking Moon,” before beginning to play live shows in the local Columbus scene. After finding more of a sonic footing through live performance, the band began work on their 2019 debut album, “Too Many Futures.” 


The album’s sound takes the band in a sleeker and pop-oriented direction while dealing with complex lyrical themes and motives. “Too Many Futures”, available March 12, was described by Cleveland’s Sunlight Magazine as “entirely unique and creative…an album to keep an eye out for.”

So far in their career, they have shared the bill with notable artists such as Lizzo, Ally Brooke, Spencer Sutherland, DK The Drummer (Darren King, formerly of mutemath), and sucrè.